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Tofu Magazine

The Book of T.O.F.U - Tofu Magazine

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Ryan Patey - editor of T.O.F.U Magazine has taken some of his favourite articles from the past issues of T.O.F.U., and put them all together in this wonderful book. The book covers topics such as the intersection of veganism with age, sexism, and body image, as well as articles on how to organize a vegan festival, balcony composting, and much more.

Not only a re-issue of past pieces, the book includes numerous updates and changes to the pieces by the authors, along with a number of introductions by the editor to explain why specific pieces were representative of some of the best articles T.O.F.U. has published.

Along with these changes, the book itself showcases a new look compared to past T.O.F.U. Magazine issues. For most of these articles, this is their first time available in print.

130+ page, black and white.

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