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Ace Bakery

Ace Bakery - Country Stuffing


Gather 'round the dinner table! Ace Bakery has a stuffing so rustic, you'll swear you crossed into an olde time stuffing shoppe.

This stuff is delicious in your hand, or stuffed in the middle of a seitan/tofu/whatever roast you have planned. Why stress yourself with preparing the stuffing when Ace has you covered? Wouldn't you rather hear that alligator story uncle Reg always tells?


Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, water, sunflower seeds, celery, extra virgin olive oil, pumpkin seeds, salt, roasted onions, herbes de provence, yeast, mustard powder, malted barley flour, sunflower oil.

Contains: Wheat, mustard, barley.

May Contain: Almonds, eggs, pecans, sesame seeds, soy, walnuts.

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