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Meet our three charities, as voted by you! Discount Codes!

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We're doing something a little different this weekend. Starting from now, until Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 you can choose to donate 20% of your purchase to 3 different Canadian Charities or you can get 10% off for yourself, and donate 10%. 

There are discount codes available for each of the charities chosen by you on Facebook, so you can give a little, get a little, or give it all away to one of three small Canadian Charities - FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary, Bullies in Need, and Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary. Just enter the discount code at checkout. (p.s. the 20% off coupon codes will show up as a discount of 0.01 cent, that's just so we can track them!)

Read on, we've got more details about each of these great organizations.

FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary

FrogHollow is a small, family-run plant based farm sanctuary in Princeton, Ontario giving many animals a safe place to live and love. They are all family, not food. Meet the various individuals that live on the farm here.

It takes a lot of work, money, and effort to make a farm sanctuary moving along, so if you feel like helping them out directly, you can donate your time, helpful items, or money here.

Find out more about FrogHollow: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

The Codes!
10% off for you, 10% of your purchase donated: 10FrogHollow
20% of your purchase donated: 20FrogHollow

Bullies in Need

Bullies In Need (BIN) is a rescue dedicated to the “pit bull type” dogs in Ontario who face euthanasia daily in Ontario’s shelters. Bullies In Need is aware of the general public perception of pit bulls and holds the restoration of the reputation of the breed in the highest priority.

They could use your help: foster, share their posts, and donate if you can!

Find out more: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Codes!
10% off for you, 10% of your purchase donated: 10Bullies
20% of your purchase donated: 20Bullies

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary is a family run, vegan farm sanctuary in Harrowsmith, Ontario (north of Kingston) it was founded in 2014 by Carla Reilly and Harry Moore, and is home to 64 rescued animals. They focus mostly on pigs and birds and take in some of the most abused pigs and rehabilitate them.

It is Carla and Harry's dream to expand the sanctuary in order to rescue even more of these animals, and to one day turn it into a humane education center.

They're currently running a CrowdFunding Campaign

Find out more: Website (is being built) | Facebook | Twitter

The Codes!
10% off for you, 10% of your purchase donated: 10HappyTails
20% of your purchase donated: 20HappyTails

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