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Farewell from all of us at the V Word Market!

Hello Friends, 

To start things off I will cut to the chase: V Word Market is closing.

When we started out on this exhilarating and educational adventure a few years ago, we didn't know where we would end up, or what it would look like, only that we wanted a vegan grocery delivery service to exist in Canada, and specifically Toronto, even if that meant starting it up ourselves.

We are no longer the only ones on the scene, and in many cases vegan products that weren't available in Canada (or at all), are now available at your local grocery store. 

We have greatly appreciated the opportunity to connect folks with hard to find vegan things both locally and across Canada, especially to the more remote areas of the country.

So here are some other options: 

Vegan Businesses in Canada

I've spent a lot of time sharing and promoting other vegan businesses in my life, and I'm always amazed how many are out there, and how people might not know about them.

So first step - look in your own community - see if there is a vegan baker or co-op, or blogger or facebook group - connect with them. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you'll find if you seek it out. 

This is not an all encompassing list at all - there are certainly more, but here are some businesses that overlap with what the V Word Market was doing.

Online Ordering in Canada: 

  • VeganSupply, based in British Columbia. Have a variety of vegan goods, will mail them to you anywhere in the world
  • Just the Goods - Personal Care products handmade in Manitoba
  • Zengarry - Based in Ontario - Online ordering for vegan cheeses
  • Nuts for Cheese - Based in Ontario - Online ordering for vegan cheeses
  • Gusta Foods - Based in Quebec - Online ordering for vegan meats and cheeses. Some products available in some stores in Central & Eastern Canada.
  • VegOut Boutique - Based in Alberta. Have mostly clothing and personal care items
  • Paradis Vegetarian - Montreal based online and offline veg market.
  • UpayaNaturals - Raw foods and kitchen equipment
  • VeloVegan - Toronto Only - Vegan meat delivery
  • And a weird bonus suggestion - Costco for MatchMeat (this is online only, and not available in their stores.)

Vegan Grocery Stores in Canada

  • Alberta - Orii Vegan - 9738 107 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5H 0V1
  • Alberta - Hearts Choices - 9679 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2J 0P6 (Thai vegan food and restaurant)
  • Quebec - Herbivores -  3842 Saint-Denis Montreal, Quebec, QC H2W 2M2 (facebook)
  • Ontario - Good Rebel - 591 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON M6K 1T9
  • Ontario - Nelakee Vegetarian Food -  200 Silver Star Blvd, Scarborough




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