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VeganEgg Giveaway


For everyone that is asking - and we know you're excited about this product - and so are we - and we think it's really cool - but we cannot yet sell the VeganEgg in Canada.
We've been talking to the folks at Follow Your Heart AKA Earth Island in Canada, and they are working on bringing it over. They have assured us it will be available here. And when it is, we will have it. And we can't wait, but we'll wait.
Why the delay? We have some pretty serious labelling laws in Canada - both laws that require that products sold in Canada have bilingual labels and rules against using certain protected terms (as an example, "cheese" and "milk" are not permitted when talking about soy or almond or cashew - so you'll see words like "soy beverage" instead) This can make bringing products over the border difficult - both for stores like us, and the companies outside of Canada that make these items.
But we do want to share the fun goodness that is the VeganEgg - and we have 2 boxes to giveaway to some lucky folks out there. 

Important information

  1. How to Enter: Tell us in the comments on the blog, Facebook, and/or, Instagram what you'd do with the VeganEgg if you had it. You can enter only once on each social media platform.
  2. Contest closes: February 23, 2016.
  3. Winner will be contacted by email, instagram, or facebook message on February 24th, 2016.
  4. This contest is open to anyone with a Canadian mailing address.
  5. Terms and Conditions of the Contest

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