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Well, hello there!

There is a certain level of nervous excitement that marks the launch of the store. That question of Are We Ready? We have tested so many angles ourselves and with friends, but there is nothing quite like going *live* to really put those butterfly flutters in one's stomach. I know I'm feeling them only a few hours before we plan to bring everything out of password protected comfort and into the wild world of e-commerce.

If you're reading this, we've succeeded in flipping that switch over to the "launch" position and this is just the beginning. So we hope you like what you see!

We've had so much support for this project - people are excited - and the biggest focus for us has been to be worthy of that excitement. We're planning on always striving to be better, always add new and exciting products, be responsive and open to customer questions, comments, requests, and also support local vegan businesses, and vegan projects around the world.

We will be adding more stock continuously, and hope you find what you're looking for - but if not - let us know! 

So thank you for joining us for the beginning of something we hope will be a positive addition to our city and beyond. Connect with us on social media for updates, discounts, and just to see what we're up to!

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