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So you're starting a business?

We're working away at launching, dealing with customs, packaging, labelling, and getting everything organized. It's an exciting stage where anything is possible, and the focus is 100% on making something awesome and useful for our community.

We've been working at this project for well over a year (with varied levels of intensity), but it's been a sparkle in the back of our minds for years. Could we do it? Maybe? Well... Let's try.

It can be hard to find some products in Canada, sometimes that's because there are regulations in place that prevent products from making it across the border. Sometimes it's just too cost prohibitive. Sometimes businesses are honestly not interested. Sometimes it's all of the above. 

Navigating this territory has been interesting, and educational - the nice part is feeling like we've kind of got a handle on some of the regulatory stuff, and now it's just a matter of shipping and delivering and receiving it all.

Product is coming into our warehouse, shipping supplies are coming together, and soon we'll actually launch the site for real and be ready for orders.

Thank you!

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